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Xbox dies, Xbox gets reborn in a old body.

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So, back around June time my Xbox 360 dies on me during an update and Microsoft more or less left me in the cold due to warranties and blaming the issue on age of console not that fact the xbox froze during an update.

Roll on a week and I've found a replacement Xbox off Ebay, described as having a faulty DVD drive, no worries I though, I'll fix that.
Xbox arrives few days later for me to find the Xbox doesn't just have a DVD problem but the entirely wrong DVD drive for the board, but it does have the original blade dashboard so there's a plus.

Choices choices, Do I sell on or keep it and try to lift the DVD key somehow from the motherboard, bit of research and I decide why not, I also decide if I'm going to do this thing up I may as well give it some paint.

Several tutorials later and this where I now reach, Wires soldered in waiting for the LPT plug and some green LED's put onto the fans, case has been painted in chrome paint.

All this effort, just to fix a DVD drive problem which should have been a 5 minute job.

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  1. BobtheGreatII's Avatar
    I like the chrome case.
  2. ThePlague's Avatar
    Did you add an X-clamp fix for funsies? Should've also added a 12v fan mod with a switch to adjust it, and add a PC fan over the heatsink by cutting the vent holes and wiring it with the 12v fan mod
  3. =sw=warlord's Avatar
    I've not done the Xclamp mod because that doesn't really help much, it warps the board just as much as the clamps themselves do but in the opposite direction.
    The fans on it are whisper fans so doing the 12V mod might not be in the best interests of the Xbox due to the increase in drain on the psu.
    I'm not really looking to add more fans to the case to be honest or cutting any holes into the case because they're so often done it'd be nice to just have a chrome and green machine.