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The Story of Rep

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And on the first day, Zeph and Innergoat gave Rossmum the rep

And he saw it was something to be used only for good

Thus, with a quick political joke about Murica

Rep was spread to me with the message of responsibility

And thus Tyrant did spread the rep

And in the following days it was spread some more

Until today, a day when all good men have rep

And FreeLancer is still in the red

John 13:37

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  1. TeeKup's Avatar
    This is glorious
  2. Zeph's Avatar
  3. TVTyrant's Avatar
    I love you all
  4. BobtheGreatII's Avatar
    Lol nice.
  5. Patrickssj6's Avatar
    would rep if possible
  6. JackalStomper's Avatar
  7. Tnnaas's Avatar
  8. Amit's Avatar
  9. PopeAK49's Avatar
  10. Roostervier's Avatar
    this is a retarded your are similarly as well, thanks
  11. ThePlague's Avatar
    I dun has rep
  12. Dwood's Avatar
  13. nuttyyayap's Avatar
  14. Pyong Kawaguchi's Avatar