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So I got some more hands-on time with Reach and I've gotten a feel for it, slightly. Still don't know where everything is in either map, but whatever, I've got some somewhat-solid opinions on non-Slayer type games.

First and foremost, who made the decision to put an objective gametype as the default choice in the map vote for grab bag? A vast majority of players, myself included at the start, either don't seem to know about the vote system or are preoccupied with browsing the Armory or fileshares or whatever else to vote, and I would think that Slayer would be the primary choice with a distracted audience.

My rationale here is based on my feelings about the first choice gametypes, which are ALWAYS 1 Flag or Stockpile in Grab Bag, or Headhunter or Oddball in Free For All.

Stockpile can be a great game when played right on the right map. That said, Powerhouse feels horrid for it. The Red Team has the literal higher ground, complete with a DMR right next to their spawn. I've seen so many games lost by Blue due to Red suppressing Blue's stockpile point constantly from the rooftops with jetpacks, and if a Blue player attempts to go anywhere near the Red stockpile point, they're out in the open. However, the past few games of Stockpile I've played on Sword Base have been fun, and I hope this wasn't a fluke. However, having the stockpile points in closed areas with multiple entrances, like actual bases if you will, seems to contribute to the playability, unlike where they're just out in the open with limited environmental cover like in Powerhouse.

I haven't played much 1 Flag, but I'll just say this: flag cycling/MLG carrying (*cringe*) is for toolsheds and is REALLY GODDAMN ANNOYING. I heard something about it being fixed/disabled a while back, but I'm not seeing it here; I'm always apt to just ragequit the SECOND I hear the constant "FLAG DROPPED FLAG TAKEN FLAG DROPPED FLAG TAKEN FLAG DROPPED FLAG TAKEN FLAG DROPPED FLAG TAKEN." Really, there should be a delay put in for when the flag can be picked up again after dropping it intentionally, or rather the default CTF gametype should just go back to basics and not put a speed penalty on the flag carrier.

Headhunter is the most worthless gametype I have ever played, I'm sorry. It's supposed to be all about killing opponents and claiming their heads, bringing them to a designated point, but all you really need to do to win is camp close to, but not TOO close to, the drop points and steal all the skulls of the guy that was just about to score them, or just get lucky, happen to find 10 skulls and have the drop point shift conveniently close to your position. I think this would be fun in custom games, but just plain fails in the super-competitive-even-in-the-social-playlists mentality of Halo's playerbase.

And Oddball... I touched on this on my last review. It's mostly luck and being aware while trying to take the ball, and trying to hold a position where there's a lot of corners you can "hide" around if you happen to get the ball for more than a split-second, given your opponents aren't grenade-happy spammers... hah, hahah, HAH. The oddball carrier has no motion tracker, moves slower, and has a big, visible-to-all waypoint on them, with the only compensation for the castration being a one-hit melee kill. Having a tanked ball carrier may be good for Team Oddball, where your team can provide ranged support while you can handle up-close and personal problems, but for FFA Oddball, getting the ball feels more like something people HAVE to do to win rather than a goal most people'd want to work towards; maybe restoring the player's speed to normal and giving them a motion tracker would make carrying the ball more appealing, with the use of ranged weapons for the one-hit melee kill being a fair trade.

So there you have it, more babble from a horrible badkid who should probably stop playing because I'm not MLG enough to flag cycle while selling my soul to the battle rifle.

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