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It's begun.

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Right now I'm hanging out in North Carolina at my friend Ashley's house. She's off at work and such, but I'm just hanging out here.

It's interesting visiting her, because... she basically was my best friend through high school... and so it's like... I REALLY know her.... and she knows me.... so it doesn't have that slight weirdness to it that most of these online encounters have... I'm just extremely comfortable around her and such.

That's not to say that I wasn't comfortable around Flibit or Reaper... just that... with Ashley it feels like I'm just at a friend's house, hanging out and such... rather than being a guest at someone's place.

Flibit's place was fun as well, but it was slightly awkward haha. I don't know if it was him or me... or both... but there was just something weird in the air. Overall both visits were fun, and I'm glad I got to meet up with him and actually get to know him and such, it's entirely different when you can really put not only a face, but a person behind a user name.

Anyhow, I was warned by several people that I shouldn't touch half the stuff that Reaper Man does, because I'll probably get high just by being near him... and he swore he doesn't do it.. THAT much haha. Reaper Man's visit was fun, he's an interesting guy with a neat story and has a lot of cool stuff :P. Thanks much sir for showing me around and letting me crash at your place, I really appreciate it buddy :P.

Meeting up with subscribers to my youtube channel is an interesting experience haha. The guy I visited in Lake City literally just commented on one of my videos where I was starting the trip and said that I should drop by his place... so I did... and that was pretty much the extend of how much I knew the guy. The thing is... is that we're all just people... and it's definitely a unique experience to meet a "fan" haha.

I met up with a few other subscribers, and members of a nintendo forum I've been a part of since forever...

I'll let you imagine just how awkward it was.

Overall I'm extremely excited to continue on my journey and meet the rest of you guys that are awesome enough to be on the list, and I'm glad that the rest of you are enjoying the videos and such :P.

Sever, you're up next buddy. See you on Saturday :P

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