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Precipice Devblog 5/30/10- Portals, towers, and size limits

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My biggest challenge recently in moving Precipice forward has been the portals.

One of the Bases in Wireframe

The bases are so high poly that the game refuses to render everything at once, leading to some rather messy and frustrating portalling work. The good news is that I seem to have fixed them for now. I say "for now" because I already announced 2 days ago that I had fixed them, only to realize I had missed something. I'll probably have to go fix the portals again at some point.

The (Semi)Final Portalling Solution

Seeing as how the last real gitches involve the flag animations and the Spartan Laser HUD, and I can't do custom lightmaps until I'm sure everything is final bsp-wise, I've been working on some related, but not absolutely necessary projects. One of these is a credits plaque, which I was planning to place at the bottom of the canyon, where only players in devmode would be able to see it. This would prevent a Yoyorast V1-style hidden room fiasco, where players would stop playing the actual game in order to go find the special room.

Yesterday I decided that in addition to this I wanted to make the lower fog area look more interesting, instead of it just being a large bottomless foggy box. My solution: build some massive coolish looking structures that would look cool both from far above, and from below, where the plaque will be.

Tower Upper View

Tower Lower View
The Plaque (Orange Box is Player Size Reference)

Unfortunately, each of the two towers, although I like the way they look, uses over 1,000 polies. That puts the map size right at the tag limit. If I have to include anything else in the map, the towers will the first to be simplified.

If all goes well, I'll be able to pull off a playtest this upcoming week to narrow down more errors and glitches and try to finalize the map. I'm very excited.

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  1. Llama Juice's Avatar
    Best of luck bringing it all together sir, are you sure you can fit FIVE YEARS of credits onto that small plaque? :P