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How do I post new entries?

From nearly any page in the blog, there should be a Create New Post button in the upper corner. Clicking this will bring you to an editor page, where you write your entry. Writing an entry is just like making a forum post; you may use BBcodes and Smilies to format or otherwise inject personality into your text. If at any time you need to stop writing and come back at a later time, you can save your unfinished post as a draft with the Save Draft button. To edit a draft, simply go to your blog home page or to the entry itself (if you know the url) and edit it by clicking the edit icon that appears when you hover over the entry's title (Multi quote).

After you're done writing your entry, click the Preview button to ensure that any BBcodes and Smilies parse correctly and to proofread your work. Next, enter relevant tags into the Tags field, seperated by commas, to help your post get exposure. Use existing tags whenever possible; start typing a word into the tag box, and the forum will suggest a list of tags that already exist. If your desired tag doesn't exist, feel free to create it by just typing it in.

Below this is a list of options specific to your post, and how to publish your post. More info on these options can be found in this FAQ article. You may choose from the drop-down box when your post should be published, or made visible to the public. You may make the post publish immediately, at a certain date or time, or you may have it saved as a draft you can come back and finish later.

Can I categorize my entries?

You may categorize entries in multiple categories of your own creation. Before you may categorize entries, you must define your categories in the Blog Control Panel.

After creating your categories, you will be able to select multiple categories from the blog entry page during the creation of a new entry, or by editing an existing entry.

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