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  1. If you do get them I will be happy to help you get the skulls. The sandbox one is rough to get lolz, but there are ways around that.

    I still need to get the Splatter Spree achievement and all the mythic ones (minus the skulls). One friend told me to get an 8 person party in and all work together lolz but that may be tough. I will prolly still be up before you get up anyways to activate and make sure that the code works and all.

    No offense taken as it does suck lolz.

    Thats good about the water by the way.
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    I don't have the Mythic Maps YET.. they come out on Thursday so hopefully I'll be able to purchase them this weekend. If I do get them, do you mind helping me get the skulls? If not, we can still go for some more achievements. I still have to get the 2 Flag Carrier kills and another one, not sure what it is. Oh, and I don't know if I'll be up at 8AM MT (10:00AM EST I'm pretty sure) but I should be up anytime after 10AM MT.

    Also, no offense but it sounds like it sucks to be you, lol. I don't mean that to be insulting, hope it get's better! I guess no classes is pretty good though.

    Oh, and the water has stopped flowing in to my basement, so now it's just a matter of fixing the source of entry and getting rid of any remaining water. Luckily, nothing was damaged except for the carpet, but there shouldn't even have been carpet down there to begin with but w/e.
  3. Yeah, Friday and Saturday work great. What will the plan be for Halo 3? Do you have the Mythic Maps (aka did you get them early)? I can do w/e as my first priority can be skipped over (getting achievements lolz)? Honestly though, I don't know why H3 cheevies appeal to me so much....maybe cuz it was my first Xbox 360 game? Anyways....

    No the disease is not life threatening but it screws with my playing the violin at times and for 3 months it was like I could not put ANY weight on my feet without SEVERE pain....so literally bedridden for a few months. Then on top of that my feet got infected so I had to stay sitting and such as they healed (why I purchased more games lolz) and on top of that, there is no solid cure for it......so it sucks lolz.

    But yes Friday and Saturday will work for me. I should be up definately (hopefully) by 8am MT on Friday so....... But let me know on the "gaming" plan for H3.

    Hope your flooding goes away.
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    Oh wow, hopefully your disease isn't life threatening or anything.

    Also, what would be the best time for you? Like I said, I have Friday through Monday off. I just don't know if I'd be able to play at all on Sunday as it is Easter and I might be going to visit relatives or they may be coming to visit me, idk. I guess the best time to use your code would be Friday so we can play then as well as on Saturday.
  5. thats cool! I am currently out of college due to a disease that I got so I am free every day lolz. I do have to study for finals that I have to make up though but that should not pose a problem. I can tell you more about the disease through PM's here or on XBL voice chat. Just keep in mind that I have only a 2 day code lolz.
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    Well, I'm able to access my basement now, although I have to wear rubber-boots to my room :/

    All should be good for next weekend, which is also a long weekend for me (Hurray for Easter). I get Friday and Monday off, but I don't know if you do, do you?
  7. no problem man
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    Yeah, probably want to make it for next weekend. My basement flooded so I don't have access to my Xbox. I have to type this from my iPod because I can't access my PC either. Sorry.
  9. Well I am in Mountain Time, but I don't know when the best time would be to play/enter my 48hr code lolz. Um....LMAO the day we went for Achievements hit my mind..... "GO SAGGY!!!! SAGTACULAR!!!!" etc... lolz.....I do have a place to be at around noon but it won't be for long.....so when do you think we should plan to meet online to play Halo???
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    Does that require Gold? I can't remember...

    E: Nvm, just got a new Gold subscription. I should be able to play anytime this weekend. What's your time zone again?
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