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    yo update today?
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    any updates yet on fracture
    can you get on aim, msn, steam, etc??
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    Thanks SO much. Great site.
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    you do realise if you didn't fly into an indignant ragefest so easily you'd probably get a lot more respect from everybody, right

    contrary to what clueless bullshit artists like screward might feed you, we're quite cool with people who can keep a lid on their temper

    like i said last time, don't react so damn harshly and there won't be a problem. consider me neutral until such point as you next go into shitpost mode, which will hopefully be never. unlike these wannabe heroes, us 'elite' don't hold a grudge without damn good reason.

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    of course every case of suicide is ultimately selfish.
    It's done to themselves at costs to everyone in they're family and they're social network.

    Which is the reason why i never did it or will do it despite having drunk my way to the bottom of every bottle with insane, disgusting thoughts screaming through my head.

    You dont have a fucking clue what it's like, because i've been they're and i've seen a person i grew up with who had it all, looks, grades, talent, charisma you name it and he topped himself.

    I've fuckign been they're and i've come back, you dont have a fucking clue what your talking about.
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    Damn your an idiot. I have stopped 3 family members from killing themselves by telling them that they are stupid for wanting to and that they are being selfish.

    Suicide is a permanent answer to a temporary problem. It is selfish to let your family deal with it. Your own logic was killing your argument. If he was stupid enough to kill himself then he damn well shouldn't have been raising kids.

    and yes, I mean all of this whole heartedly. I hate people who attempt suicide for attention a lot, but I hate people who commit suicide one step more.
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    actually it either means your posts are so fucking terrible they're worth their weight in gold, or it's so easy to get a rise out of you that they're priceless

    so i guess it's not really a compliment but whatever
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    much like your posting

    enjoy trying to work out if that was a compliment or an insult, even i'm not sure
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