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    yeah but only we are elitists, because we have the attention these kids crave

    ps don't you dare try tell me you know more about depression and suicide than me. i've been there (before i actually took two seconds to think about it, though the depression thing is an ongoing struggle which i am hellbent on beating), several my friends have been there, and one of my friends vanished not long after he got dumped, after nearly two years there's little doubt left in my mind what happened. i don't think he deserved it, i don't think he's a dick for doing it, but it was selfish because it left myself and the rest of his friends in a terrible state. it's not any less sad but it was sure as hell a selfish thing to do, especially when he had so many friends there for him. the most he spoke to us about it was simply telling us he got dumped, he didn't give us any chance to help him.

    why don't you fuck off and be the professor of sweet bugger all somewhere else.
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    Pretty cute how you single me out and try to cause problems with me despite there being other posts like mine.
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    i love how the only people on this site who are horrible and elitist are the ones with loads of rep and lots of posts and never the ones who try and get all high and mighty at every single opportunity

    i always wondered what living in a glass house would be like, please do tell me
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    yep, you are.
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    Eh can't complain
  6. im good thanks, hows things with you?
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    How are you? oh btw thnx again for the photoshop and the textureing tutorial you gave me awhile back.
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    Hi there Maniac.
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    Your the idiot going around saying retarded stuff about people who commit suicide. Its selfish, and its a pussy way out of all the problems in life. The down side instead of only fucking yourself up, you ruin the lives of all the people you love. So no I don't think anyone could sympathize for this man.
  10. Hey.
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