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Thread: [COMPETITION] SnaFührer's Monthly Modeling Challenge!!

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    [COMPETITION] SnaFührer's Monthly Modeling Challenge!!

    The challenge for the month of:

    August is a vehicle challenge! An APC (armored personel carrier) of your design with a maximum of 7500 triangles.

    what it can be:
    It can look like something that would fit into alternate history or something completely futuristic or a modern theme.

    what it can't be:
    A remodleing of a vehicle from any game. A rendition of someone else's concept. Downloaded. An edit of a downloaded model. An edit of an old model. Something that exists.

    Posting Guidelines:

    3 inspiration images if you cannot draw concept art
    1 concept sketch that YOU MADE
    3 final renders (one from the front 3/4 view, one from rear 3/4 view, and one showing entrances/exits/interior

    You must show progress, including wireframe renders! Any final model entries with no wip renders will not be accepted, regardless.

    EDIT: if you are only a concept artist or you are a modeler of no artistic capability, you can enter as part of a two man team.

    these rules are subject to change as i see fit

    SEPTEMBER: Sci-fi sidearm competition

    Your task is to create a science fiction sidearm for a soldier. It can shoot lasers, plasma, bullets, be in the form of a pistol or revolver, or PDW style.
    Art requirements: 3 inspiration images or one sketch.
    Model requirements: moving parts, if it is mechanically operated, must be demonstrated. Charges or bullets must be modeled.
    Due to a number of requests late into the apc challenge for a higher triangle count allowance, I have decided there will be no limit to the number of triangles for this month!

    PRIZE!: SMASH is one cool guy, and is offering up a 1 Month XBox Live Gold Subscription Card to the winner!

    OCTOBER: Air-defense system

    Again, a creation from your mind, nothing in existence. The air defense system can be vehicle mounted or fixed position, and can be for any era! Past, present or future. It can be designed to shoot down the Da Vinci helicopter, jets and helicopters of the modern age or anything you can think of that might be a flight platform of the future. Will it shoot down attack aircraft or interplanetary carrier scale transports? IT'S UP TO YOU! (heck even maybe a flying sailship with rocket propellers as the target "airship") This is supposed to be a surface-to-air defense system, so nothing that's flying around engaging targets etc.

    NOVEMBER: Combat Knife (week one)
    AP mine or Hand grenade (week two)

    note: November's contest will be broken up into 4 mini competitions. Either 4 one-week long competitons or 2 one-week and one two-week competition.

    As per the monthly rules, the idea is to come up with something from your imagination. Since this is a simple object, only one sketch is required. Nothing larger than a small machette. fantasy, different materials, normal mapped or texutred, etc, as far as you want to take it. Entries will be judged 7 days from today.

    week 2: Pretty open competition this week, but with a 2k triangle limit. one sketch required.

    DECEMBER: Pirate raid boat or Raider guntruck (a small pirate craft for raiding and taking control of larger vessels or raider armed vehicle for capturing supplies, etc)

    No sketch required, no poly limit, anything used must be of your own work.

    FEBRUARY: Military Motorcycle

    Motorcycles have been a quirky addition to the battlefield since ww2. They are particularly useful in quickly moving across open terrain, patrolling, carrying equipment, and, as seen in the current middle east conflict, RPG teams use them to hit and run.

    No poly limit, your own design, sketches and/or inspiration.

    Don't ask me stupid questions like CAN IT BE ON WATER or IN SPACE or FLYING. You know what a motorcycle is. I don't have a problem with a sci-fi variation like the star-wars speeders.

    Examples of acceptable and unacceptable design styles:

    good: dirt bikes
    bad: harley or "chopper' style bikes

    good: sith speeder, clone speeder
    bad: ghost, final fantasy motorcyle

    MARCH: Military Robot

    your own design. anything goes, from a retro-futuristic style to a futurism "iRobot" style. Must be roughly human sized, weaponized or capable of weapon use, and autonomous.


    RETRO THROWBACK ALIEN BLASTERS TIME. Take a look back at the classic alien blaster, pistol, deathray, etc. Add a little bit of modern flair to it, if you'd like. No poly limit. Think of the classic grays and their tech!
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    Re: SnaFuhrer's Monthly Military Modeling Challenge

    I suggest this thread be stickied for the time being.

    Also, a few suggestions.

    We should All make threads for our APC project titled

    MC#1 or MC: APC (Modelling Challenge, Armored Personel Carrier)

    What is the criteria for Judging the concepts/models, who will be doing it?

    Some possible categories for the award winners are

    -Best Model
    -Best Accuracy
    -Best Concept
    -Best Try

    This competition is a fabulous idea and I hope to see many entries no matter how aesthetically pleasing they may or may not be.
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    Re: SnaFuhrer's Monthly Military Modeling Challenge

    You guys can post your work in the thread i create once august first rolls around or post in your gallery threads until that time I'll be the sole judge, that way as many people as possible have a chance to participate in the competition. If any of my friends choose not to participate, I may ask them to co-judge.

    I'll announce categories for winners later on.
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    Re: SnaFuhrer's Monthly Military Modeling Challenge

    This is a rather cool idea, will observe closely. Can't wait to see some art.

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    Re: SnaFuhrer's Monthly Military Modeling Challenge

    I may be entering, I just made a sketch.
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    Re: SnaFuhrer's Monthly Military Modeling Challenge

    Sounds like fun. I think I'll whip something up to get my mind off of the fifty bajillion projects that are keeping me busy atm.

    clarification: So the contest runs through August- we have until the end of August to submit our entries?

    Also, if I submit something early but then decide I don't quite like it, can I fix it and have the newer version judged?
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    Re: SnaFuhrer's Monthly Military Modeling Challenge

    hmm neat idea, we had a similar contest with less guidelines over at GBX a while ago that Dominator started, the first contest went well but it received less and less attention afterwards... there was usually just a random category chosen, like an "Elevator" or "out post". I believe it was also timed...

    idk if I'll enter into this though, I'd rather keep working on my map.
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    Re: SnaFuhrer's Monthly Military Modeling Challenge

    Needs moar buttsex.

    I might dive in the pool for thise one >_>
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    Re: SnaFuhrer's Monthly Military Modeling Challenge

    Thinking about it

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    Re: SnaFuhrer's Monthly Military Modeling Challenge

    see the edit for more rule info and contest expansion.
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