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Thread: Universal Union - HL2 Machinima -- Help Needed

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    Universal Union - HL2 Machinima -- Help Needed

    Hey all

    Universal Union is a machinima series that uses the Source engine and takes place in the time-span between Half-Life 1 and Half-Life 2. It covers the Seven Hour War, the Combine's rise to power, and a few original story arcs. The series focuses mainly around original characters created for the series. I did not want to use characters from the games such as Barney, Kleiner, etc. due to a number of reasons...mainly that I can't have the original actors do voice overs!

    Jake is the main character of the series. Prior to and during the Seven Hour War he was a sergeant in the military.

    Amy is a civilian that Jake helped save and is also Jake's girlfriend.

    Lopez: (Filled)
    Lopez is Jake's best friend and was his second in command in their unit.

    Our Vortigaunt Friend:
    One of the first Vortigaunts to make contact with humans, he now travels with Jake, Amy, and Lopez.

    John was the President's advisor before being brainwashed and transformed into a Combine Elite soldier. He now serves as Dr. Breen's right-hand man and does most of his dirty work.

    Dr. Breen
    Dr. Breen from Half-Life 2 has a small role and appears every now and then.

    Episode List
    101 – “Unforeseen Consequences”
    102 - “6:00 A.M.”
    103 - “7:00 A.M.”
    104 - “8:00 A.M.”
    105 - “9:00 A.M.”
    106 - “10:00 A.M.”
    107 - “11:00 A.M.”
    108 - “Our Darkest Hour”
    109 - “The Twelve Tribes, Part I”
    110 - “The Twelve Tribes, Part II”
    111 - “The Twelve Tribes, Part III”
    112 - “The Twelve Tribes, Part IV”
    113 - “The Twelve Tribes, Part V”
    114 - “The Twelve Tribes, Part VI”
    115 - “Citadel”
    116 - “Outskirts”
    117 - “Overwatch”
    118 - “Transitions”
    119 - “Prophecy”
    120 - “Rebellion”
    121 - “And So it Begins...”

    General Information
    I've went ahead and moved some things into the “fan fiction” realm. The Twelve Tribes and Prophecy episodes are really the only ones that deviate from the Half-Life storyline. However, they still stay within the realms of the Half-Life storyline and they do fit in well.

    The Twelve Tribes is a completely original story arc based around the Vortigaunts and their history. Prophecy is a tie-in to the movie Seven Hour War, which I made earlier in the year. You can find Seven Hour War on my personal site, listed below.

    At the bottom of the post you'll see that I've attached a link to a download of the script for the first episode. It's the “pilot” to the series. I'm still in the process of writing, but I have more than half of the scripts completed. I can send synopsis for all twenty-one episodes, or I can post them here if people want. I left them out of this post simply to save some space.

    I don't have many, if any requirements. Just get with me on AIM, YIM, MSN, or send me an email. You can send auditions in pretty much any format. MP3 is preferred, but not required. Also, there really is no set deadline since I'm still in the pre-production phase. Just let me know who you're auditioning for or who you'd like to audition for and we can get you setup with some lines

    Help Needed
    This series will be of epic proportions. I hope to release once a week with episodes ranging from 10-15 minutes apiece. I'll need help in the following areas:

    Voice Acting
    Custom animation (mainly characters)

    If you would like to help with the project, please reply to the post with some information about yourself and your contact information. I don't really have a lot of, if any requirements to help on the series. The only thing I would require is a mature and positive attitude and no slacking. I'm not a slave driver and I certainly understand if you don't have time, especially since I'm often quite busy myself. You may contact me via email, instant messenger or private message. Contact info will be listed below.

    About Me
    My name is Tommy. I'm a film maker and musician. I was nominated for a Mackie in this year's machinima awards in the category of Best Student Work for my machinima film Seven Hour War. Seven Hour War is mentioned in the series. You can find my personal site at www.tommykraft.com
    My contact details are:

    Email – tommy@projectnresource.com
    MSN – tommykraft@msn.com
    AIM – piealpha6792351
    YIM – piealpha6792351

    Episode 1 Script
    If you have any questions feel free to ask
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    Re: Universal Union - HL2 Machinima -- Help Needed

    sounds interesting. looks like you put some work into this

    I'll take a look tonight.
    found some old assets of mine from 8 years ago lmao
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    Re: Universal Union - HL2 Machinima -- Help Needed

    A thought: take away the 'Jake's girlfriend' part, and have a romance subplot instead.

    I think Metroid is a pretty cool guy, eh finds missiles and doesn't afraid of anything.
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    Re: Universal Union - HL2 Machinima -- Help Needed

    Pooky, I don't really follow your meaning lol. And, thanks, ßðÐŻÍ££å.
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    Re: Universal Union - HL2 Machinima -- Help Needed

    Quote Originally Posted by Flapjack View Post
    Pooky, I don't really follow your meaning lol. And, thanks, ßðÐŻÍ££å.
    He means don't make them be together. Have it so that you can tell that she has feelings for him by how she acts and what she says throughout the plot, and at some point probably let Jake or her tell one another or something. At least, that's my understanding.
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    Re: Universal Union - HL2 Machinima -- Help Needed


    it's better then hammering people over the head with a neon sign saying "PSST HE LOVES HER K"
    found some old assets of mine from 8 years ago lmao
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    Re: Universal Union - HL2 Machinima -- Help Needed

    Well I'm not "hammering people over the head" with it. But the way the story is structured and the scripts are written, I can't really just slowly work it in. In fact, the majority of their getting together is not even shown or talked about.
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    Re: Universal Union - HL2 Machinima -- Help Needed

    being Subtle is King duder
    found some old assets of mine from 8 years ago lmao
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