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Thread: DM-Rocks And Shoals Beta

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    DM-Rocks And Shoals Beta

    Name:Rocks and Shoals
    Version: Beta 4
    Compatibility: 1.3 as far as I know.
    Description: An abandoned excavation site
    Comments: Small map, well suited for duel but made with 6-10 players in mind. I'm very happy with how it plays with bots but i've not played it with real folk.

    Preview image is temp, i'll probably use the thrid or fourth screenshot for that in the final. but I'll worry about that later.

    The vast majority of it is custom modeled by me.

    I can't think of anything else to say so please tell me what you think and ask any questions you like.

    Homepage: www.danjw.net
    Download: (UPDATED BETA 4)PC only for now.
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    Re: DM-Rocks And Shoals Beta

    :O great job!
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    Re: DM-Rocks And Shoals Beta

    Very nice.
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    Re: DM-Rocks And Shoals Beta

    OK, New version.
    I added a second ramp up

    Also thinned out some of the ammo spots and replaced the grass mesh with a custom one that should accept lights better.
    New Download
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    Re: DM-Rocks And Shoals Beta

    Found a collision error. Not sure if it's possible to fix it, though
    Near the Bio Rifle spawn, if you double jump right next to a plank on the ceiling.

    Good looking level, btw. Really... rocky. lol

    I need to learn UE3...
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    Re: DM-Rocks And Shoals Beta

    AH, thanks, yeah I think I can fix that pretty easily.
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    Re: DM-Rocks And Shoals Beta

    New version!
    Ok so beta 4 has the u damage in place of the belt, the flak and link switched,
    It's also a hair darker, with numerous collision fixes.
    I think the only seams I have left to fix are on the area that leads to the vest, if you spot any others please post them.

    And some screenshots just for good measure

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