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Thread: [GALLERY] Teh Lag rapes a moat

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    3D [GALLERY] Teh Lag rapes a moat

    Yeah, it's about time I got one of these. Anything I think is worth posting gets posted.

    Current Status:

    Last Updated 2/27/10

    • Hellhound Lineart
    • Hellbringer Lineart
    • Timber Wolf Lineart
    • FP - H1 AR + Elite FP
    • FP - CMT AR + H1 AR + Plasma Rifle
    • FP - SMG + Sniper + Carbine
    • FP - Fuel Rod Gun + Shotgun
    • 3P - Brute/Scorpion Hijack
    • 3P - Spartan/Banshee Hijack
    • 3P - Spartan/Wraith Hijack
    • Hellhound
    • Hellbringer
    • Timber Wolf
    • Zeus
    • Meta Knight
    • CMT Sniper
    • CMT Brutes
    • CMT Elites
    • CMT Covenant Transmitter
    • CMT Wraith
    • CMT Carbine
    • CMT SMG
    • ODST

    Various Halfassed Wallpapers


    Animation : FP - H1 Sniper, Elite FP
    This video is unable to be displayed because the YouTube video tags were used incorrectly. Please review proper use of the tags here.
    I tried to correct a few of the problems in the earlier incarnation of this AR set (yes, the human version got the same changes). Rossmum suggested that I make the bolt push more like a flick than a... push, which I was not so successful in doing looking back on it. I tried, at least. The Sniper's bolt push was loosely based on the one that the BR had in H2's E3 2003 demo, and I am very happy with it. Maybe it's a little too forceful but I prefer style over realism. To a degree. I know that sometimes the origin changes slightly between the ready and idle animations - oh well. Ingame it doesn't show up, I just wasn't too hot on the idea or re-rendering 100 frame animations to fix it.

    Animation : FP - CMT AR + H1 AR + Plasma Rifle
    Both ARs are fairly new - the first one I just finished and the second is from mid-December. The PR is from a while ago, but I was touching it up and figured I could put it up. See my comments in the video - I want to do something more creative with FP but I just can't motivate myself to do it.

    Animation : FP - SMG + Sniper + Carbine
    I have nothing to say. This is pretty old - at least from March, probably earlier.

    Animation : FP - Fuel Rod Gun + Shotgun
    Woo, fp stuff. Shotgun melee sucks; reload is implausible.

    Animation : 3P - Brute/Scorpion Hijack
    Thanks to Ironclad for looking this over and pointing out flaws in the original. I did this over about 6 hours, with about an hour afterward of cleaning it up. It was a pretty fun way to get back into my 3D groove.

    Animation : 3P - Spartan/Banshee Hijack
    You've all probably seen this from April when I first made it. Not much to say here... I like how it came out though. Some day I'll fix it ingame... Some day.

    Animation : 3P - Spartan/Wraith Hijack

    Same deal as the 'shee.

    Model : Hellhound
    Tris : 116618
    (Mainly due to the vents and my incredibly stupid choice to put "detail" into the bolts).
    Wire View 1 - Wire View 2 - Wire View 3 - Wire View 4

    I know about the terrible triangle-thingy on the top part of the upper leg's side. It's going to be removed, but I really didn't want to re-render everything just for that until I can think of something better. I also know that the ball of the foot/ankle/whatever intersects the upper leg; that's because I was having fun posing the model earlier and forgot to move the foot back down. Again, cba to re-render until I make bigger changes to the model.

    Model : Hellbringer
    Tris : 37692
    (Super-mega bonus-points for spotting reused geometry).

    Wire View 1 - Wire View 2 - Wire View 3

    Yeah, the lower torso is a geometric massacre (though lighting is also to blame). This thing is a year old, so I probably won't bother. I also always felt the legs were off-balance, but if it gets animated you really won't be able to tell.

    Model : Timber Wolf
    Tris : 37851

    Wire View 1 - Wire View 2 - Wire View 3

    First mech I did. I loved the legs the Mad Dog (No I am not confused, that's the Clan designation for the Vulture) had in the Mech4 intro, so I gave them to its big brother.

    Model : Zeus
    Tris : 78104

    Wire View 1 - Wire View 2 - Wire View 3 - Wire View 3

    This is not something I felt comfortable posting. (Boba and Rooster had to tell me I should). There's so many problems with it I can't even begin to point them out... Guns clip legs, arm joints (despite 5 redos and an image provided by Mech) are terrible, legs aren't even pretty boxes, shoulders are all out of whack connecting to the torso... oh well.

    Model : Meta Knight
    Tris : 5364 (I won't even try to make an excuse here).

    Clay Unposed - Clay Posed
    Wire Unposed - Wire Posed

    Yeah, I'm a cheapass in Brawl as well as in modeling. At the very least I can explain why the wings are such an affront to all that is good: I originally had them with nice and orderly triangulation, but I needed them to be able to fold up and Halo only lets you have 2 bones weighted to a vert... so I had to reduce them to that monstrosity.

    Model/Texture : CMT Sniper Rifle (Texture help from Flyinrooster and Dano, some geometry from Bungie's H1 Sniper).
    Tris : 4864 (Main culprits are scope displays and screws, which got waaaay more "detail" than they should have. Oh well.)

    Wire View 1 - Wire View 2

    Diffuses:(Needless to say, please don't use the textures posted here without first getting my permission.)


    Speculars:(Needless to say, please don't use the textures posted here without first getting my permission.)


    Muzzle break is reused from Bungie's sniper, as are the barrel, bipod, magazine, and the thingy that's in front of the scope. The muzzle break is unsmoothed because frankly nobody ever sees it up close. This thing is 2 years old now, so it's not really going to be changed. I was such a terrible person giving the barrels their own fucking huge bitmap. Oh well again.

    Model : CMT Brute (Textures by Dano, Head and lower arm plating for the Captain [yellow one] by Wave of Lag)
    Tris : 1938 (Unarmored) to 4997 (Chieftan)


    There's plenty more armor combinations than what's here, but they all are just the same geometry rearranged, and I don't want to spend more time rendering than I have to. Ditto for the colors, so please refrain from bitching about how your favorite perm and color isn't there. Use your imagination.

    Also, for those wondering, the wireframe is in all tris because when I sent it off to Dano, we didn't know of a better way than for me to export as .obj for him, since he only had Maya (with the exception of a few obvious places that were edited after I got them back from him).

    And a major major major <3 to WOL for helping me out on the Captain (gold) perm.

    Model : CMT Elite (Textures by Dano)
    Tris : 5288 (Unarmored) to 6806 (Assault)


    Dano is a cool person for skinning these. I am not a cool person for ignoring all logic regarding polycount for last-gen games.

    Model : CMT Covenant Transmitter (Texture by Dano)
    Tris : 1488


    The texturing is all a dirty lie; I reused the wraith skin :shh:

    Model : CMT Wraith (Texture by Dano)
    Tris : 4698 for Mortar, 5762 for AA

    Wire View 1 - Wire View 2
    Wire View 1 - Wire View 2

    I've held back on this now because of how little I actually... did for this. It's basically just a prettier version of the H2 wraith with a little creative license taken in a few spots. However, after setting it up for some play renders I couldn't resist. If nothing else I'm proud of how nice Dano made it look.

    Model : CMT Carbine (Texture by Dano)
    Tris : 4828 (I really am piss poor at optimizing my models, aren't I...)

    Clay View 1 - Clay View 2
    Wire View 1 - Wire View 2

    Pretty. Just like the Wraith, there's nothing special here other than a higher-res version of what you see in H2/3.

    Model : CMT SMG (Texture by that wonderful Dano)
    Tris : 3186 (Blame the screws, rails, and the thingies on the mag holder.)


    Just finishing putting in my prior work in here. As with the Wraith and Carbine, I'm not too proud of this as there wasn't much work put into it.

    Model : ODST
    Tris : 84424 (lolllll)

    Wire View 1 - Wire View 2

    Well, having been over a year since I modeled a biped, I figured it was time to make another one to add to my collection. I went all-out on this; if I felt I was capable of modeling a detail I stuck it on. It still has to be skinned (and possibly run through mudbox/zbrush for even more detailing), at which point I may add some more things that I kinda wanted to while making it but just ran out of steam for. I'll also have to make a low-res version for CMT SP2, so there may be another set of changes that it goes through. I ended up not replacing the H1 marine hands... oh well.

    Feel free to 'shop in or point out any changes or additions you think would make the stuff suck less.
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    Re: [Gallery] Teh Lag rapes a goat

    I'm lovin it.
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    Re: [Gallery] Teh Lag rapes a goat

    Woaaw, that's amazing work.
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    Re: [Gallery] Teh Lag rapes a goat

    hot hot hot
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    Re: [Gallery] Teh Lag rapes a goat

    Quote Originally Posted by Thread title
    Teh lag rapes a goat

    Quote Originally Posted by CabooseJr View Post
    I'm lovin it.
    Quote Originally Posted by L0d3x View Post
    Woaaw, that's amazing work.
    Quote Originally Posted by selentic View Post
    hot hot hot
    Especially that last one...

    Anyway, fucking incredible.
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    Re: [Gallery] Teh Lag rapes a goat

    Do you do each piece individually and move it into place or do you sculpt it all at one time?

    EDIT: Nevermind, just fully read your post...
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    Re: [Gallery] Teh Lag rapes a goat

    What is your rendering method?
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    Re: [Gallery] Teh Lag rapes a goat

    Quote Originally Posted by Advancebo View Post
    What is your rendering method?
    Skylight + 2 omnis on each axis + light colored specular on material + standard 3ds light tracer + catmull-romm AA.

    E : Added Hellbringer.
    EE : Added Timber Wolf.
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    Re: [Gallery] Teh Lag rapes a goat

    :3 Nice work man.
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    Re: [Gallery] Teh Lag rapes a goat

    tasty, I guess I would appreciate them more if I liked Mech Warrior but the modelling seems immaculate

    these badboys in production of anything?
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