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Thread: UT2K4 Map Pack

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    Re: UT2K4 Map Pack released

    Quote Originally Posted by t3h m00kz View Post
    hey now at least now you know it wasn't hax.
    yes it was and now I have video proof.

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    Re: UT2K4 Map Pack released

    itzutak is a deemer whore

    Also I've changed the line up of levels in my server. I've taken out most long-range levels (except for BloodGulch), so it's got that close-range arena-style vibe to it.
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    Re: UT2K4 Map Pack released

    you sir win i love UT2004!

    Hayabusa's definition of STILL:
    STILL! (St-ell-!!) to say you like something. attracted to that something. thinking that specific something (usually nice looking girls) is hot or eyecandy. Used in a sentence: That girl is kinda hot STILL!
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    Re: UT2K4 Map Pack released

    i love the UT maps, shame no one plays the server, I hound my friends to get the maps, I might as well send them the link to the map pack if thats ok, halomaps makes it a hassel...oh and it was fun playin against you and your friend m00kz so much flak cannon and lightning guns and my occasional redeemer whoring (sorry)

    well you did a good job and hopefully in the future you'll try a hand at another UT map for CE

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    Re: UT2K4 Map Pack released

    I miss 2K4's ludicrous gibs and fast pace, but this shit's still fun to play.

    Lag makes combowhoring a little difficult, but otherwise awesome.
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