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Thread: So um yhea

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    Re: So um yhea

    Quote Originally Posted by Grimdoomer View Post
    Fixed this a long time ago, I thought kiwi put this on his site but I guess not. Two nops and vola, 2 sound tags and coconuts tag are accessable. Enjoy
    Needed this to reverse tag structs. Ownage! Thanks!
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    Re: So um yhea

    After watching a few of the videos it seems they just meta swapped tags. (not sure if thats the right way to decribe it or not) From my knowledge this is how the H:PC community started, with HMT. So, what exactly is the point in this post? Well, its to try and convery my happiness that at least something is happening in the H2V modding community. Hopefully in a years time or so, H2V might be a bit more modder-friendly.

    Heres hoping it will.
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