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Thread: [GALLERY] Syuusucks at fotahgraphie

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    Re: [GALLERY] Syuusucks at fotahgraphie

    Quote Originally Posted by AdmiralBacon View Post
    You should still link to the full-quality PNGs and make them available, I'm using that last one as a wallpaper at 3360x1050. e: As in... I took what Aerowyn had quoted, downloaded it, opened it in GIMP and cropped/scaled it to my liking. No idea what you're going on about... The last "good" one, none of us thought that small strip of clouds as an actual picture, but rather left over scrap.
    Oh lol I thought you meant the last last one.

    Also, is playing with the exposure settings in Camera Raw the same thing as adjusting aperature/shutter speed for the lightmeter?

    Seems like it to me.

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    Re: [GALLERY] Syuusucks at fotahgraphie

    No, it's not. You can push/pull an exposure in raw, but it's never the same as doing it in-camera, for you'll either get graininess or contrast issues.
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