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Well this was pretty fucking epic:


I have a idea!

Perhaps, suddenly a massive line of light appears! the sheilds quickly stroub on then off then a hole spawns, debres and plasma fire breach out from the undercarage!, for breif amount of time its as if this behemith of a ship is simply to assertive.
For a breif moment the ship arrogently laughs at the projectile, still whoving its glassing laser and elegantly fixed in the distant sky. In not more then 3 seconds subsequently a massive dreadfully loud shutter fills your speakers followed by a second loud screaching and grouwling, the ship dauntingly starts to travel out of its original position, the stern of the ship slowly turns on a curcular trajectory slowly desending, still seamingly no damage! mearly a red multin hole left on the under belly of the ship.
The cruiser falls beneith the clouds and in that breif second its as if the ship is dead, BUT wait the ship SLAMS! to the ground even with it appearing to fall slowly the impact has the power to effect nearly everything, the trees, rocks, ground! The glassing laser still active, blaseing, glassing everything, a smoldering red mist highlights this, and in following seconds the ship gauntingly leaves a last grouwl and a eruption of plasma liquid and fire a mass upward in a massive cloud breifly maxing over the mountiens and disipating.

Start: Line of light 0.3 second
Sheilds strobe once 0.3 second
Hole spawns + Debres-Fire 0.4 second
----------------------------------------- 3 second pause
Shutter (tearing air) 2.0 second
Screaching-Grouwling 1.5 second
----------------------------------------- 3 second pause
Cruiser moving seqience 30 second
Impact 5 second
Impact Force/shockwave 3 second
Laser Blast effect 3 second
Laser/ship explotion 10 second


by the way this is a smac firing

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