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Thread: AI in MP Spawner

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    Re: AI in MP Spawner

    I knew that (about the legals issues and what not)...except the part about sppf working with H2v, for some reason I thought it was only H2x compatible.

    What are the limitations?

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    Re: AI in MP Spawner

    limitations are, not being able to produce mods at the same caliber of H2X or better.

    Many tags remain missing, for H2EK. basically H2EK was designed to "prevent" users from creating better maps. is pointless as a memory cache map, I'd prefer to have sp_shared as the only map needed.

    If you looked at in folder view in entity, you will see which folders are missing in h2ek tags.


    sppf patching program is used, but since you're only creating custom maps, this is unnecessary.
    patches only exist to add modifications to currently existing maps.

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    Re: AI in MP Spawner

    Yeah I hear that. I've been recreating as many missing tags as possible. Should make it easier for someone who wants to spend less time on making textures and testing shaders.

    So do you create one the sppf files for H2v with Entity and then test or what?

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    Re: AI in MP Spawner

    no you create it sppf patch with the sppf program (super PPF o Matic) basically.
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    Re: AI in MP Spawner

    Okay, I just wanted to make sure I'm doing it the correct way.


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