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Thread: HCE Model & Animation Data File Doohickey

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    Code HCE Model & Animation Data File Doohickey

    I originally wrote this in 1954, but now it's back and ready for public nudity.

    It's basically a handy little JAVA app. It's not complex by any means but it's been a real time-saver for me in a lot of cases. It can do such wonderful things with JMS and JMA files as...
    • Auto-change node checksums!
    • Auto-rename node prefixes! (CAD tells me that they don't matter but whatever)
    • Save and load settings for ease of use!
    It also has a Maxscript counterpart which can also auto-rename node prefixes - this is extremely useful if you're animating on a bone setup imported with BlueStreak and need to export with Blitz, as Blitz freaks out when you try to export anims with non-biped objects named "bip01". A special thanks goes to CAD who showed me how to do that like 2 years ago. Thanks CAD.

    Report any bugs or horrible mangling of your system in this thread so I can try to fix them (bugs not your system). The source is included so you can criticize my poor coding habits or do whatever.

    Oh yes, and if you don't know how to run a .jar, you do this in the command prompt. At least, on Windows.
    java -jar "Ce Animation Utility.jar"
    Here it is!!!

    ...Now available on Halomaps! http://hce.halomaps.org/index.cfm?fid=5316
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