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Thread: Gravity control

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    Gravity control


    Download links


    Make sure everyone in your party is running this app, and set the gravity to the same value.

    Here's some other addresses, that were easy to find.

    [450] camera_control <boolean> = 3020AA61
    [474] player_disable_movement <boolean> = 30004B66
    [477] player_camera_control <boolean> = 30004CA8
    [557] cinematic_show_letterbox <boolean> = 3020AA60
    [566] game_lost <boolean> = 30004B64
    [729] controller_set_look_invert <boolean> = halo2.exe+4A89C1

    if you're wondering what those numbers are, they are in order of xbox7887 or is it kornman? 's list.

    "physics_constant" was labeled before the true gravity value, and the only changes took place in Cairo station/01b_spacestation.
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    Re: Gravity control

    lol that's cool xD also love that music

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    Re: Gravity control

    Explain to me how the hell it syncs, when you say: "If both host and client use this, and set their gravity the same, then it's all good." Thats not syncing. So yeah, either your confused and stupid, or just stupid.

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    Re: Gravity control

    Just thought I'd make myself more clearer, since I said it wrong.

    Object state - host/server
    Gravity - local

    And codehpro don't bump a topic just to say pointless stuff.
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