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Thread: [VIDEO] IK Controllers for FP Arms

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    3D [VIDEO] IK Controllers for FP Arms


    Now, just after I uploaded it a guy told me that he does some stuff in addition to this in order to avoid Gimbal Lock. I've encountered it a few times (though only just now learned its proper name) and I wouldn't want to encourage anyone to do stuff that'll lead to problems, but this has so far worked for me so I hope it'll help orient some people who aren't familiar with IK.

    Now, an excerpt from the description:
    In addition to this tutorial, some people have been asking me to do a normal-speed narrated recording of some animating; I'll try to do that eventually but cam studio lags 3ds a fair amount and without the option of pausing every now and then to check on my work it's a bit of a pain to make stuff look right. No guarantees, but I will try.
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    Re: [VIDEO] IK Controllers for FP Arms

    loving that new roundup you do on the front page, because i would have missed this otherwise.

    does anybody know how to apply this to something like a chain of belted ammunition?
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    Re: [VIDEO] IK Controllers for FP Arms

    Can't understate how excellent this video would have been for me in my beginning days. Very awesome lag.
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