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Thread: Modacity Forging Guild (Name TBD)

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    Re: Modacity Forging Guild (Name TBD)

    Quote Originally Posted by .Wolf™ View Post
    Suggest you remove all spawnpoints from the map and replace them. And maybe place a safezone?
    its not configured for FFA slayer...

    also when i did this i didn't know what the safe zones dide, now that i do ill go back in and place them down in the proper places

    but as for spawns sure ill remove all on map and replace them


    refined and placed default spawns for FFA, tanks only spawn during CTF

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    Re: Modacity Forging Guild (Name TBD)

    My brother and I are working on an assualt/1 flag/ invasion map called air defense. Basically, on team has to hold the fort, while the other attacks with falcons.

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    Re: Modacity Forging Guild (Name TBD)

    Thats a sick map, only problem I see is once those shades are down, the falcons will just own the base.

    Why would you want to watch your character get shot by a corrupt US General when you can watch him get eviscerated by an eight-foot alien in purple body armour?
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    Re: Modacity Forging Guild (Name TBD)

    Basic single-player agility course using Armor Abilities and Concussion Rifle jumping. Nothing fancy, save for a few teleporter tricks.

    I guarantee you'll enjoy the final room.

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    Re: Modacity Forging Guild (Name TBD)

    I'd like to join the Guild, but I'm also interested in trying out game variants... is that something that the group will do as well?
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    Re: Modacity Forging Guild (Name TBD)

    my next project... recreating the best Unreal map for Reach.

    Pic related.

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    Re: Modacity Forging Guild (Name TBD)

    oh look its that one map you ported to CE...have fun
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    Re: Modacity Forging Guild (Name TBD)

    shit I didn't think anybody would remember that
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    Re: Modacity Forging Guild (Name TBD)


    Map a friend and I have been working on. We also have another version where one of the bases is the floating part instead of underneath. Havent set up gameplay at all though.

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    Re: Modacity Forging Guild (Name TBD)


    I hit the hard object limit like Wile E Coyote into a painted-on tunnel. Looks like some of the game types won't make it in. And I think we all know which ones are getting their throat slit.
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