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Thread: Noob Guides

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    Noob Guides

    Here you can post tutorial's for basic things:

    Not 100% correct, but gives you the basic's of how to setup the model.
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    Re: Noob Guides

    First off, make your tutorial more clear. I know what I'm doing and I got a bit lost in your wording. You're calling this noob tutorials, but your words seem to assume that the reader knows max too well, almost at the point where they already know this.

    for example for the first tutorial:
    1. select an edge where you want to be the mirror plane to be located
    2. add a symmetry modifier
    3. in the perspective view port, find the axis that is perpendicular to the intended mirror plane ie. edge you selected
    4. select that axis in the midifier window.
    5. check flip if your object disappear.

    Just be a bit more specific.
    for the 2nd one, please specify variable as well.
    in vertex mode, right click -> target weld vertex and select the one intended to be moved first and drag to the vertex that will be remain stationary.

    final note: last step for mirror is unnecessary. all you need to do is go to the bottom of your stack (ie. editable polygon) and click the test tube looking thing. That will make your mirror in real time.
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    Re: Noob Guides

    Okay, I thought I worded it alright. And I didn't know about that test tube thing, cheers Editing my post.
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    Re: Noob Guides

    Couldn't you just make the collision a box/rectangular prism? In game you'd really never know the difference and it would save space on the collision model, not to mention the time it takes to make it more than a box.
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    Re: Noob Guides

    Awaiting Neuro's approval.
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    Re: Noob Guides

    Really good tut, imo.
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    Re: Noob Guides

    Quote Originally Posted by DEEhunter View Post

    Awaiting Neuro's approval.
    sort of like this.
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