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Thread: Forge WIP Thread

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    Re: Forge WIP Thread

    It might be cool to add more overhead walkways that are linked by teleporters or something, just so you aren't stuck walking on foot the whole way, but can still make a difference without vehicles.
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    Re: Forge WIP Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Teltaur View Post
    I really like the simplicity approach in the architecture, most maps nowadays seem almost overforged. The only problems I see are that having the cave as the only route between bases means you'll likely end up with a basic chokepoint, and it won't offer much variation in gameplay or tactics. Also, the map seems like it'd be a pain to navigate on foot, and if the vehicles are occupied or destroyed, it'd be annoying to have to trek all the way back to and through the cave just to get back into the action.
    That's what I'm afraid of too. The teleporters on each of the bases will first take you up to the overhead walkways and then to the center of the cave which offers a quicker rout on foot; but even after that the players still have to navigate through the second half of the cave, which can very easily be camped even with cover. I tampered around with making the teleport paths from red base to blue base all linked so that players could just run through a series of two way teleporters and eventual end up at the other base. The thing is it only takes roughly 45 seconds to make a round trip which would absolutely break any base objective oriented games.

    my original plan was to have a completely separate set of teleporters from the walkway > beach cave ones, that would link to every cave in Forge World making a long alternate rout, that follows the rules of risk and reward, for anyone on foot. The risk being that it is a very claustrophobic rout that only has 2 ways you can go, forward and backward. making it prone to grenade spam and very close quarters tooth and nail fights. The reward being that it's a much quicker rout that offers total protection from any vehicle / long range attacks. Unfortunately I can't do this because I'll be over my limit for teleporters and unable to complete the last link. I can't shorten the cave rout either, because it will make the rout much to quick, and again, become a game breaker.

    What I may end up doing is make all the current teleporters 2 way again but move the ones from the top of the bases to the far ends of each teams territory, thus extending the time it takes to make a round trip by that much.

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    Re: Forge WIP Thread

    Well I had something to show for once, but I just figured out that you need a Gold Membership to upload things to the File Share. Okay, I get the fact that being able to play on Matchmaking requires Gold, BUT WHY THE HELL DO I HAVE TO PAY TO UPLOAD SCREENSHOTS TO A WEBSITE? Yeah, it's their resources, but the resources are already in use and its not like giving Silver (recently Gold) members the ability to use the File Share would decrease profits or anything. Hell, you don't even pay for your default File Share spaces after you buy the game. This makes me very .

    Here's the description:

    After a mysterious geometric movement courses through Hemorrhage, the Spartans of the gulch find that although Blue Base is unscathed, underground rocks and Forerunner structures have pierced the surface, and Red Base has been moved beyond The Wall onto the hills! Now Spartans fight for victory in a wider, but more obstructive valley that provides cover for almost any solider, now dubbed Battle Gulch.

    The description is all I can offer, but the map is currently setup to use aerial vehicles as well. It's still a WIP (needs more integration of some things), but I'll get it to a point that when I renew my XBL membership for March and April you all will see a much more complete form. Wish I had pics. We all know who to blame.

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    Re: Forge WIP Thread

    This pisses me off because, 1) Previous games such as Halo 3 and H3: ODST just required you to have a connection to LIVE and 2) This prevents people from getting a simple 5 pt Achievement. Is there something I'm missing? What's right? Who's wrong? The game contradicts the book.
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    Re: Forge WIP Thread

    what about all the achievements you need to play online to get?
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    Re: Forge WIP Thread

    I got a map coming up called Forge World: Invasion. Basicly uses half of Forge World, I need to mess with the spawns more and add weapons, so I'll get some pictures up soon.
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