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    Well this is my first "released" sp map, it is objective based and took some time to make.

    It uses the original Silent cartographer bsp just repopulated and re-scripted with different lightmaps.

    I am posting this here along with halomaps as i think i might be able to get more feedback here.

    There is no story for this map as it was made to see if i had what it takes to make decent halo maps.

    Some of the main differences between the two maps are as follows.
    >V2 has brighter light maps with a slightly foggier sky.
    >V2 has more encounters along with the more challenging encounters.
    >V2 uses CMT's elite biped instead of the halo 2 biped.
    >V2 altogether has been improved significantly.

    A few extra features this map has are:
    Armour selection, in the pause menu you can choose between the 4 h3b bipeds spartan-094 released.
    Night vision, uses the marine-vision script with a modified flashlight to make it more like night vision.
    Covenant weapon crates, these crates allow you to swap secondary weapons.



    V1 download:

    V2 download:

    Please give me feedback on how it is.


    Jesse: The hud interface.
    I think credit for the banshee's go to spartan 094.
    CMT: A lot of things used in the map.
    ODX: Animations for the odst pistol.
    Gamma: Putting up with me again =P.
    D4rfnader (me): Minor tag tweaking and scripting.
    Doompig, Joddy, and Assassinchief: Beta testing and helping me make it better.
    ASP: Most of the weapons used in this map.
    Co1t3r: The halo 3 marines.
    Shadowslayer: The warthog.
    L28: The modified widget tags that i modified.
    Advancebo: The silenced smg, either broke or odx did the animations for it.

    bugs: not all string lists appear and hunters are somewhat easy to kill.
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