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    [Map] Coronet

    Well, Forge 2.0 sure is fine and dandy! This layout was (similar to) something I had tried to establish in Halo 3 but ultimately failed after I realised that I enjoy having hair on my scalp.

    This map is a collaboration of work I put into this Forge-space, which is about 2-3 weeks. A ridiculous amount of objects, lots of spawns, and no object limit has been reached either.

    But who reads this?

    Map Info
    -Layout Images-

    The "arena", the central playing space just outside of the opposing corridors. Get to know it. There's a teleporter just behind that platform that will take you to the opposite side of the map.

    The "hallway", so to speak, leads to the Rocket Launcher. A Needler and a Health Pack are waiting for you, along with a few small-arms weapons, should you choose to take this route.

    Rocket spawn. 'Nuff said. Ye.

    Oh, the places you can[not] go! Below that little ring and around the corner lies the other end of the teleporter. A quick way to return to the center.

    Back to the arena. Pick up that Focus Rifle Concussion Rifle before your enemies do!

    Red corridor.

    Blue corridor.

    (Inclines ftw.)

    -Weapon Info-

    (4x) Frag Grenade
    (4x) Assault Rifle
    (2x) Pistol
    (4x) DMR
    (1x) Rocket Launcher
    (4x) Plasma Grenade
    (2x) Plasma Pistol
    (1x) Plasma Repeater
    (1x) Needle Rifle
    (1x) Needler
    (1x) Concussion Rifle

    -Gametype Support-


    I appreciate any and all downloads for this map. I worked hard trying to make this space [fun] to play, so feel free to try it out for yourself. Additionally, I must apologize, for I had not fully tested every single gametype (besides Slayer lol), but I see no reason why they shouldn't work properly (I checked those cursed labels more than too many times.) And, if I might add, that if anyone finds the number of weapons on the map to be low, then that's unfortunate. The budget just couldn't agree with you, and there are literally no pieces that are unnecessarily placed.

    Also, there are a number of hiccups in this map regarding Bungie's own fault. The quaternion errors that occur upon Saving/Reloading a map with pieces in particular angles have caused a few bumps, such as with inclines and blocks. They're not too irritating, but trust me, if I could save them properly, I would.

    Also also, would anyone like to see this in Matchmaking? [/cocky] I had planned to submit this for Bungie's Forgetacular contest, but I'd like a community opinion on it first. How's the gameplay? Is the map terrible? Do you like where the hill is (thanks Bungie)? Seriously, post here, and if any gamenights are taking place soon, toss this in there, would ya?

    Much thanks.

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