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Thread: Quick-Crit 2011

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    Re: Quick-Crit 2011

    Icee, your running animation with the M14 is really jerky. Think about how it'd look from a first person perspective if you were swinging your arms and gun left and right while running at full tilt. There wouldn't be much of it visible but the top, and there would be much more side to side movement, with gentler up and downs. Look at BF3 for an example of getting this basically perfect.

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    Re: Quick-Crit 2011

    Probably the wrong place to put this, but no one actually looks at the source section. Does anyone know how to compile viewmodel animations in source? Valve recently added a pretty neat gun to tf2, but the animations for it look like someones infant baby took a liquid shit in my chili. You can't really tell from the video, but if you play at a higher FOV, the left arm is completely twisted up. I intend to make a skin for it to resolve this issue, but I've never actually made any content for source before.
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    Re: Quick-Crit 2011

    Sorry about late reply, here are the renders without turbosmooth. There is probably a better way to do it, but this works rather nicely. Was awkward shape to do, I just messed around with multiple ways of creating it.

    You dont want the triangles which I have either if you can get rid of them, don't know why I ain't done so :/

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