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Thread: Modacity Halo CE Servers

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    Modacity Halo CE Servers

    I'm not really sure if Jcap wants these advertised yet, as we're still working on getting them setup. But they're awesome and using Pats new version alternator, so they gain players very fast and you can connect from any version of the game using Direct IP.

    (Click images for live server query)
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    Re: Modacity Halo CE Servers

    Who runs and maintains the servers?

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    Re: Modacity Halo CE Servers

    Awesome I think I will play more HCE from now on.

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    Re: Modacity Halo CE Servers

    Quote Originally Posted by Amit View Post
    Who runs and maintains the servers?
    jcap and I are doing it now, they're on real dedicated boxes with 25/25 Mbps connections.

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    Re: Modacity Halo CE Servers

    Just ran the pubbies on the Modacity @ Gulch server:

    Some major bullshit went down, though and I never managed to cap the flag. I came damn close twice, but my gay teamates grenaded me out of out the warthog and then let me get killed by people assaulting our base. Killed 7 people in the last 30 seconds. How? Using the warthog chaingun and a good driver.

    The server kept sending me messages about how the Gulch server is soft and I need to step it up to the Sack server. Does that happen to everyone at the same time? I was starting to think Freelancer was talking to me again. I also noticed the amount of people who were just down right stupid. Kept attempting to betray even though TK is off.

    This one guy (same who stopped me from capping flag) put a grenade under my warthog with everyone in it just because he wanted to drive it. I got back in and my dudes followed and we escaped him. We was tearin' some ass up at red base and this douche comes with a rocket hog and fires the gun at us. What happens next? Red throws grenades. /life.

    Is there a way we can request a vote on a person to be kicked?
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    Re: Modacity Halo CE Servers

    The ACTION SACK ads appear privately to players when they get 10 or 20 kills. If they get 30/40 kills the ads switch to CUSTOM HIVE ads. Yup, ads for a server that doesn't even exist yet

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    Re: Modacity Halo CE Servers

    Give me good custom map names and your preferred gametype on them. I need ideas for custom server gamenights. The third server is going to be running one custom map with a variation of objective and slayer gametypes for a few weeks and then we'll switch it up, but I'm thinking a scheduled gamenight every now and then on different maps wouldn't be bad either.

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    Re: Modacity Halo CE Servers

    wartorn cove CTF

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    Re: Modacity Halo CE Servers

    Quote Originally Posted by sevlag View Post
    wartorn cove CTF
    How about Snowtorn Cove 100 Cap CTF no time limit? That's one I was planning.

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