Okay I was trying to create a new map that introduced Multiplayer Coop. Essentially I am converting all the SP maps of Halo into Multiplayer and I will script the multiplayer maps to destroy the earlier spawn points so that the spawn points later in the map activate.

So essentially I was wondering if you guys could help me. I have been reading the scripting bible and I looked through all the codes. The most promising of the codes was something that destroyed the objects, HOWEVER I can't destroy spawn points so I am at a loss.

I want to create a multiplayer coop Campaign maps.

so listed below is the events I am trying to script

1. player walks through Trigger Volume
2. The spawn points at the map intro are deleted and then new spawn points are place next to the player in the event they might die

The problem I am having is that when the message pops up informing me that loading is done WHEN I DIE I go back to the earlier spawn point with nothing rendered. So I am stuck in nothingness.