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    Hy all!

    I got the source code of SAPP from Termy (the original author), so now I'm the new developer =)
    Here is the brand new version, i hope you will like it ^^

    Some new features:
    • Very basic Aimbot detection
    • Team Balance command (real balance, not only in player numbers ;)
    • Auto Text-ban Chat Spammers
    • Protection vs Spawn kills
    • Vote option for players to skip the map (very basic, i just put this into the last moment, mb its a bit buggy)
    • Some more new command, u can find all in the homepage :P

    I tried to do my utmost best to improve SAPP, but the source code is HUGE, so pls report me any bugs that you found. Thank You!


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    Re: SAPP

    How does this basic aimbot detection work?

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    Re: SAPP

    Quote Originally Posted by Website
    Players will get scores for "suspect" movements. If a players score is higher than the aimbot_ban value, he/she will be banned & ipbanned. =)
    Note that u WON'T get banned if you are shaking your camera like a retarded or killing 15 ppl in half second, etc.
    Value is between 10000 and 100000, recommended is 20000. (The less value, the faster ban)?

    Why would you want to watch your character get shot by a corrupt US General when you can watch him get eviscerated by an eight-foot alien in purple body armour?

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    Re: SAPP

    lol so i can set the value at 5 and say everyone bots

    for those who don't like tk links
    H2v Hub

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    Re: SAPP

    "Value is between 10000 and 100000, recommended is 20000." 5 is not between 10k and 100k So no, u can't.
    I fixed a mayor bug in bot detection, so if you downloaded SAPP before 19:00 GMT, i strongly recommend you to re-downlaod it again. Also, the value is now between 20k-200k.

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    Re: SAPP

    So how specifically is this score determined?

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    Re: SAPP

    I'd like to test trying to manually snap to different players. If I can trigger it manually, you can probably be sure that people are going to get falsely banned for apparent botting, and not being able to get unbanned because they can't prove they weren't. Nice in theory.

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    Re: SAPP

    You think i didn't thought for this? Sure, If u can snap 120° in 0,01 second and kill the player you might get banned, otherwise its impossible... But keep trying, lemme no when u succeed ^^

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    Re: SAPP

    Hmm, possible when it's close range. Especially when swipe noscoping, or quick reactions and luck. Is there a cool-down period, or will the score just keep adding up?

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    Re: SAPP

    Just curious, but how did you calculate the degrees of a snap? From what I can tell, player aiming has 3 values to it. One of them definitely corresponds to up/down, but I'm not sure how the other 2 work.

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