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    Re: SAPP

    Quote Originally Posted by flamewheel06 View Post
    even with new version 1.2.1 my server still crashes (all the players seem to quit all of a sudden 'network connection lost')
    i only have 4 events in my init.txt and they are 10000 12000 15000 20000.
    the server kicks(network connection lost) everyone out every few hours
    this is the main reason what get me frustrated everything else seems fine.
    can you fix this issue.
    your doing a great job.
    I have the same problem.

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    Re: SAPP
    SmG Cloud

    Which is funny cause SmG Cloud is the biggest anti hacker... but rainman is to blame for most of the hacks.....
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    Re: SAPP

    There is also a problem with invalid cd keys. I was able to open up modified multipule halo instances, and I could join 10 players into a realworld server with the same key, I use to be able to do these with my servers. With the new sapp, now only 1 player with the same key can join.

    This disallows many players with the same key from joining and this can be fixed I'm just not sure how, but I do know it's possible.

    It does also appear that sapp lags out a server after a while, it doesn't crash, it just loses connection to all other players.

    Still some major props to you for developing, if it helps I would be willing to donate.
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    Re: SAPP

    Yeah i ran it on a test server before putting it on all the servers it did not really work out stability wise. So i stuck with the old sapp for now. <-awesome halo clan <-Halo 3 PC Server List Hosted By SmG Clan

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    Re: SAPP

    I lost the copy of old sapp, do you know where to find it? Or can you zip the files over?


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    Re: SAPP

    Quote Originally Posted by POQbum View Post
    I lost the copy of old sapp, do you know where to find it? Or can you zip the files over?

    yeah i will 2maro i need sleep for now ill pm you on your forums. <-awesome halo clan <-Halo 3 PC Server List Hosted By SmG Clan

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    Re: SAPP

    Quote Originally Posted by Cloud View Post
    yeah i will 2maro i need sleep for now ill pm you on your forums.
    okay thanks man I appreciate it, I'll be waiting

    I'll probably use it until a few more kinks (specifically, disabling the 'invalid cd key') are worked out with this version of sapp. Everything else is fantastic and wish the DEV the best. Again I would be happy to donate some money for the time and energy he has put into this project. I never thought I'd see the day of any sort of aimbot detection put into use.

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    Re: SAPP

    I don't have halo installed anymore, but might play once to twice a month if aimbot detection worked, but honestly I think it would take 2 days to bypass it with the method I read this uses. Honestly though the bots never bothered me, it is the fact all my old halo buds do not play anymore, plus with a kid now, my halo addiction became a bit unhealthy. It would however, be a blast to play with a server full of folks with no bots, but bots are not the main problem there are many ways to cheat on halo and walls (blue arrow) are my main issue, it is worse than radar lol. I tried them all I must confess, but they made the game utterly boring, and can't imagine anyone having fun that way. Well that's more than my 2 cents. Patricks program is really cool for video making and some use it as such, even I requested the version for video. I digress, if I had the time I too would still play this old awesome game, but I am too busy making bottles and wiping up poop.

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    Re: SAPP

    I have had a look at the source code, but for the cd key all that is used right now is some code that blocks gamespy from sending the invalid cd keys at the default port...

    Looks like sehe needs an assembly coder to fix this and a few other(stability) issues.
    Anyone who would like to help?
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    Including support for Opensauce, Sapp and Gandanur.
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    Re: SAPP

    Well.. Since my last post i made lot of bug fixes and optimizations, also made mapvote function for sapp =) I know about the "network connection lost" bug, its because the unstable "sapp say" implementation. Thats why i need a good assembly debugger, Gijs already talked to Patrick, and he may can help us, witch would be awesome
    Also i don't know what Termy did and y can more ppl join with the same key in the old version, and why can't in this new one... mb its cuz the 1.09 exe but i'm not sure.

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