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Thread: Halo 2 multiplayer problem

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    Halo 2 multiplayer problem

    Hello i have halo 2 pc and there are alot of servers (i checked they are running) that i cant join.
    It tells me "sorry unable to join server please try again in a moment or later"
    I dont know what to do....I can join some servers but i cant join the others.
    I got the halo 2 from my friend that charged me twice more for it.
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    Re: Halo 2 multiplayer problem

    Sorrry correction "You cant join this party.Please wait a moment and try again later.
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    Re: Halo 2 multiplayer problem

    Probably a closed party (meaning they do not want any other players) or a server that has custom maps and players are already in-game meaning you cannot join because you missed the last opportunity to download the map in play.

    If the problem is on a custom server you can download all available custom maps from here: MonstrMoose.com/maps

    Just make sure to restart H2V for it to recognize the new maps and the game cannot have more then ~48 maps in its custom map directory, otherwise the new maps will not appear and will not be playable. Read the help.txt file available from the link for instructions on where to place the custom maps.

    The last possibility is that you got yourself banned in which case that sux.
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    Re: Halo 2 multiplayer problem

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    Re: Halo 2 multiplayer problem

    Besides the above problems, I get that a lot too, where there's just a random server I can't join. Sign in/out or start a campaign game then quit, and go back and try and join again.

    It's just h2v stupidity, there are servers I can see player lists and are public, but can't join.
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