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Thread: Tombstone V2 | Zombstone V2 | Tombstone Devolved V2

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    Tombstone V2 | Zombstone V2 | Tombstone Devolved V2


    Map for Halo 2 Vista

    Ported by Johnnyblaz20 and Kills Alone

    Released on December 18th, 2011

    Current Title: Tombstone V2
    Size: 26.6MBs (36.4MBs compressed)
    Supports: All game types

    DOWNLOAD > http://www.h2mt.org/maps/H2MT/H2MT_T...c_18_2011).exe

    Released nearly two years ago, our original port of Tombstone had a few outstanding issues that where in
    desperate need of attention.

    The stair and air lift functionality have now received updates among other map tweaks like improved netgame
    settings and reduced filesize


    Previously released for Halo 2 on the original XBox, Tombstone is a remake of Hang 'Em High from Halo CE.

    The UNSC decommissioned this munitions testing complex after safety concerns came to light.

    More info about the original map: http://halo.wikia.com/wiki/Tombstone_(Level)

    -All of the stairs have been fixed and you will have no problem using them

    -The "Air lift" now has a red gravity field (marking Red's side of the map). It has improved gravity lifts that will no longer allow you to get stuck and should propel you up and out of the device, their area of effect is also smaller so the lifts are more precise in action

    -Fixed some UV/texture issues that most people would never notice

    -Extra decals (H2MT logos and such) hidden in the areas of the map you cannot go to

    -Extra death trigger planes preventing normal in-game methods of escaping the playable map area

    -Extra team spawns

    -The Rocket spawn was moved just a tad for easier pickup

    -Updated weapon types and weapon spawn timing

    -Added a cinematic text intro (host only)

    -Removed three custom weapons that snuck in in the first version (I put them in globals and did not know what it would do back then), this also reduces the map size by a little

    -The HCE Pistol remains on display but just out of reach


    Put map file here C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\My Games\Halo 2\Maps

    Starting Weapon:
    H2 Battle Rifle

    Secondary Weapon:
    H2 SMG

    Johnnyblaz20 - BSP extraction/assembly, shaders, textures
    Kills Alone - BSP assembly, shaders, textures, netgame settings, spawns
    Certain Affinity - original creators of the official H2X DLC release
    Bungie - original creators of Hang 'Em High


    Map for Halo 2 Vista

    Ported by Johnnyblaz20 and Kills Alone

    Released on January 17th, 2012

    Current Title: Zombstone V2
    Size: 35.7MBs (26.1MBs compressed)
    Supports: Only intended for the Zombies custom game-type

    DOWNLOAD > http://www.h2mt.org/maps/H2MT/H2MT_Z...n_17_2012).exe


    Map for Halo 2 Vista

    Ported by Johnnyblaz20 and Kills Alone

    Released on January 17th, 2012

    Current Title: Tombstone Devolved V2
    Size: 37MBs (26.8MBs compressed)
    Supports: All game types

    DOWNLOAD > http://www.h2mt.org/maps/H2MT/H2MT_T...n_17_2012).exe
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    Re: Tombstone V2

    Looks sexy. I wasn't really a fan of the original Hang em High, but this looks pretty nice.
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    Re: Tombstone V2

    if only it was an exact port from the xbox one...
    H2v Hub
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    Re: Tombstone V2

    Well it is higher rez, so yeah you got me there.

    Its almost exactly the same SuperSniper, I even placed the netgame settings at the exact same co-ordinates. I would like to know what is different that bothers you so I can improve it if need be.

    I am aware that the air lift effect is wrong but I think its pretty minor. The steps and lift where my main concerns but then playing it today I found one tiny oversight; there is one step, a tiny step but a step none-the-less, that could use a invisible assist. I thought I got em all, even in testing...pretty sure this annoys me more then anyone else.
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    Re: Tombstone V2

    Hold, on. How is it higher rez?
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    Re: Tombstone V2

    Quote Originally Posted by Computron View Post
    Hold, on. How is it higher rez?
    h2v has updated graphics than h2x.
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    Re: Tombstone V2 | Zombstone V2 | Tombstone Devolved V2

    looks good
    hahaha @ steve and moose. My favorite old guys at mm no doubt.
    steve: How the f*** did i get assassinated LIKE where the F*** is this Guy?!?!
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    Re: Tombstone V2 | Zombstone V2 | Tombstone Devolved V2

    I believe this was their first time playing CTF on this map; in the end we reigned victorious. After-all, we did have Scrappy and myself.
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    Re: Tombstone V2 | Zombstone V2 | Tombstone Devolved V2

    This video is unable to be displayed because the YouTube video tags were used incorrectly. Please review proper use of the tags here.

    H2MT Tombstone AI Single Player - Combat Test Footage

    Based on the H2MT Tombstone Version 2 scenario source, this is one part of a Mombasa based Custom Single Player campaign for Halo 2 Vista. It features a few custom weapons and is far from complete. Still, its pretty amazing how far we have come when you consider the restrictions placed on the H2EK.

    New features such as increased difficulty by pressing the Back button and an invisibility option after pressing the Back button a second time. This script and use of this feature are used as additional developer tools and will take a different form if and when this project reaches completion.

    Many details remain undecided or explored but I can tell you some of the maps that will be involved in this new custom Mombasa campaign:

    -CONFIRMED: Outskirts and Night variant called Nightscape

    -CONFIRMED: Tombstone and possibly an altered BSP where most Tombstones are below in storage

    -CONFIRMED: Requiem

    -CONFIRMED: ODST Crater aka Hollow

    -POSSIBLE: New Mombasa or Night Mombasa

    -POSSIBLE: Some version of Metropolis


    adolif2 - Repaired H2Tool so that it can compile scenarios other then MP
    JohnnyBlaz20 - BSP, texture extraction, initial shaders
    Kantanomo - Ambiguous (the first RTE for H2V), Blu Trainer vK2 and Cheat Engine knowledge
    Kills Alone - BSP, Scripts, scenario, shaders, custom weapons, vehicles, scenery and effects
    kirby_422 - Script help, help with scenario and weapon functionality, custom weapon HUDs
    leor - Provided 03a_oldmombasa, an extracted scenario which allowed me to make on-screen text
    Shock120 - MainMenu Mod, CO-OP knowledge, Halo engine and network information
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