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Thread: Halo Chat V2 - No more textlag!

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    Halo Chat V2 - No more textlag!

    Halo Chat V2 is a replacement of Halo's original chat, made by me (sehé°°).
    The new chat fixes an annoying bug, called "textlag", provides more functions and its easy to customize.
    It works with all versions of Halo and Halo CE.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	HaloChatV2_www.kepfeltoltes.hu_.png
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    Enjoy =)
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    Re: Halo Chat V2 - No more textlag!

    Holy hell, yes! I've been needing something like this for years.
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    Re: Halo Chat V2 - No more textlag!

    Thanks for making this!
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    Re: Halo Chat V2 - No more textlag!

    Your Welcome

    Some ppl having problems with the patched exe, in this case, use the provided Injector.

    + Always make backup from your files!

    If you get 'some dll' is missing error messages, make sure you copied the "D3dx9d_43.dll" file to your Halo/Halo CE folder and installed the "vcredist_x86.exe".

    ! Read Me.txt !

    I patched the halo.exe/haloce.exe, now it wont give the "Corrupted Halo.exe" message again.
    If you had this problem, re-download it and put the 'new' exe files

    Still have problems? Post here or add me on Xfire; lgbalazs
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    Re: Halo Chat V2 - No more textlag!

    Updated version @ 2012. July 03.

    - Some bug fixes, code optimizations, no need to replace the executables anymore, compatibility with Optic.

    Download links are the same:

    In case the links above doesn't work:
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    Re: Halo Chat V2 - No more textlag!

    Very cool. Thanks for this.
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