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Thread: What I've been doing.

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    What I've been doing.

    Although sony Vegas has been giving me all stupid shitty problems, I managed to slap together a trailer of most of my source work for a mod I've been single handedly working on.
    Name: The Presence
    Year: 2019
    Location: \\\\\\\__UNKOWN.

    Make sure to read the video description.

    A lot of work coding wise is still to be done.As of now you will NOT play as Freeman, even though the opening scene says "doctor freeman..". I had to go back on the story line countless times(and i still am making adjustments), but hey, better ideas or any ideas that dont work out will always be something I'm willing to change. I just discarded a couple of BSP's because of a new layout idea ive created. I just haven't gotten to making the new weapon set yet. Taking it one step at a time.

    Story>Layout and Brushwork>Detail and 3Ds MAX work> Dialogue and NPC Scripting Set up(Kinda had to put this a few steps ahead in most scenarios to make sure the environemt was created properly and fun to work with.) > Fine Polishing and play tests.
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    Re: What I've been doing.

    Looks pretty promising dude, keep it up. I'm not a fan of the source engine but Half Life is still an amazing game!
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