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Thread: Guardian Revamp

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    Guardian Revamp

    Copy-paste from source.
    Quote Originally Posted by Iron View Post
    About a year ago I was contacted by Bungie, they had asked me completely overhaul the map Guardian in Halo: 3. Since MLG wasn't big in Halo: Reach, they felt that this was the best thing to do to keep that population alive. After 9 months of drawing, sketching, blue prints and calculating, I have finally made the perfect Guardian. I took what was great about the original and multiplied it by 2. What we have now is something that was handed down to us by the gods, it offers perfect gameplay, perfect spawns and perfect maneuverability.

    All it took was something that was so simple, yet so thought over. The answer, is a crate. It completely divides the map in half, giving you more cover while running and so the middle can be a hold out point.

    Welcome to, Guardian Revamp

    As you can see, Bungie was very courteous and gave me new items. Such as a sun, rainbow bridge and lighting.

    This image is of the beta version, so excuse there not being a sun.

    Here is when planning this map became troublesome. I was doing test runs with Str8 Rippin and Triggers Down on just default Guardian, I was noticing that a lot of the deaths were due to being killed cross map. Then it hit me, put an obstacle that requires you to go around it to get to the other side. It was brilliant! After making the extreme modification and placing the object in the exact center, we did another run. It was great! They say they could never go back to the original Guardian after playing this.

    Wow! We here at IGN used to be big on friendly 4v4's in the office, but we always felt something was missing. You nailed it what we all felt! 10/10

    On behalf of the MLG Community we would all like to give you a big thumbs up for your hard work and dedication to deliver us something so extraordinary. 5/5
    -MLG Community

    "So dicking good"

    -PC Gamer

    There's no point for me to give a download link since it has replaced Guardian in Matchmaking. Happy Fragging!
    Mapmaking in its prime.
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    Re: Guardian Revamp

    oneshot on rainbow oneshot on rainbow
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    Re: Guardian Revamp

    Can't tell if serious.

    "We also tried switching back, but they say we're using too many resources. Fuck them."
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