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Thread: This site is still alive?

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    Re: This site is still alive?

    Quote Originally Posted by Scott-PL View Post
    I am still around.
    hi what do you play these days?
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    Re: This site is still alive?

    BF3 on Xbox360 (UnMonk)
    Random Steam Stuff (UnMonk)
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    Re: This site is still alive?

    Holy crap, it's amazing to see this site is still somewhat around.
    [5:58:08 PM] Sascha Burckhardt: going into max with my busted hdd atm
    [5:58:12 PM] Sascha Burckhardt: so if it goes LOLOL BORK
    [5:58:26 PM] Inferno: dont make me send you a fucking HDD on overnight
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    Re: This site is still alive?

    Buttsocks for sale! Getcher buttsocks here!
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