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I've got it on with a scenery attach script, textured, the jetpack boosting effect working (using flashlight and damage_effect), but... the animation isn't working. I figured there are two ways for it to work.

1. Script. I had a script before but I lost it in a hard drive crash. And I'm not a scripter so I can't figure out how to make it work. All I need is that when the flashlight is clicked on, the "enter" animation plays, then transitions into the "idle". Then when clicked off, the "exit" animation plays. Then ready to "enter" again when flashlight is clicked again.

2. Function. Apparently I can put on a function to the jetpack so that when flashlight is clicked etc. etc.

Problem is, I don't have either skills to do what I need to make it perfect.
What I'm asking is for the Modacity members to help me out here.
Xfire: sharpchief314.