A Joystiq story appears to reveal rather more information about Bungie's upcoming projects than fans are used to hearing during a quiet period. Aside from a few seconds of music and video, the term "Destiny" was about all we knew. Now, a document purporting to be the a publishing and development agreement between Bungie and Activision has leaked onto the internet, specifying not just one or two or three but four "sci-fantasy action shooter" games referred to by the term "Destiny" but also allows for Bungie do dedicate a small portion of its resources for the development of a game called... Marathon.

The contract also gives Bungie the freedom to put five percent of its staff to work on a prototype for a new game referred to as "Marathon," with the team size allowed to grow after certain operating income. There are also rules governing how much of the company's staff can work on Bungie.Net, Halo Reach DLC and other projects.
A post at Bungie.net, while short on details, would seem to confirm that the agreement is legitimate.

It appears as if Bungie retains the ownership of the new IP, although Activision will get ownership if Bungie fails to ship the first game, and if Activision terminates the agreement after the first game ships, it will retain an exclusive, royalty-bearing non-transferable license to the property.

Thoughts on this?