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Thread: HaloCE Yelo Battery feature? Help plz ;/

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    HaloCE Yelo Battery feature? Help plz ;/


    i was just around on YouTube and watched old stuff for HaloCe/Pc.

    Then i saw a video demonstration of Yelo Battery ( which wont work either ) but i recognized "on 1:21 Minutes" when he kills the enemy, that the HUD shows up like on Halo 1 For Xbox.

    Watch video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l9tlKhKxCjE

    My Question is: How he made it to work ? Is it d3d hacking stuff and only possibly with a .dll, or could it just be a memory adress change to enable this HUD ?

    I was trying to figure it out, but i faild :S. No clue at the moment, maybe someone could help ?

    Thanks in advance =)
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    Re: HaloCE Yelo Battery feature? Help plz ;/

    If I remember correctly it was a feature in Yelo Battery's first release. I'm not 100% sure but I know you didn't have to do anything complicated. Just place the .dll files to yer Halo root folder. And I'm also pretty sure this version of Yelo only works with Halo CE/PC 1.07 executable, so you'd need a version changer to play on 1.09 or any other version.
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    Re: HaloCE Yelo Battery feature? Help plz ;/

    Ahhh yeah but i dont like 1.07 patch anymore :S and dont want evry time use Version changer . But thanks anyway.

    Is there someone who maybe got knowledge on find the addy for this hud to put on ? Or is there no way???

    Would be nice to know
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    Re: HaloCE Yelo Battery feature? Help plz ;/

    I watched the video, but I'm not sure what I'm looking for at 1:21. What is different?
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    Re: HaloCE Yelo Battery feature? Help plz ;/

    Quote Originally Posted by Amit View Post
    I watched the video, but I'm not sure what I'm looking for at 1:21. What is different?
    Lol well, watch when he Kills the Guy "BD-Beowulf". It will show up under the Ammo, as A HUD like on Xbox. And i would like to know how can it be done. Im sure Limited and Skyline know abit on how it worked but they prolly dont get the time to check this topic
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    Re: HaloCE Yelo Battery feature? Help plz ;/

    Oh shit...how did I not realized that. Still, I'd prefer that the kills show up in the text chat area because that way it stays there for a few seconds so you can see who you killed.
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    Re: HaloCE Yelo Battery feature? Help plz ;/

    True, but i also think it looks nice cuz it got Xbox Style .

    And also u can toggle off the Chat text and then u would only see it as HUD and dont see anymore the annyoing Spam text of the haters like today in haloCE .

    But well, i hope some of the good programmers will have a look on this thread and maybe can simply explain how it can be done. I Hope with a normal App not only d3d hax. Cuz then i have a chance to make it myself , but yeah LImited, Skyline and many others are prolly to busy

    EDIT: I tested yelo i installed 1.07 all works. But the HUD like on XBox isnt there. I dont know which secret Yelo has or how to enable it. There is just: Scale HUD, Toggle Chat off/on, and show HUD. But on all settings isnt this thing

    Someone here who used Yelo and got this feature to work ? I have Yelo Release 1.

    EDIT 2: I just found Yelo Battery release 3 (final version i think) and there is the feature in. It got a lot of more features etc. Bitterbanana is just brilliant. Its one of my fav tools.

    But my question is, maybe a programmer he know, if its only possible with d3d hacks or maybe either just a address in halo ???

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