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Thread: 512x512 vs 1024x1024 textures.

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    512x512 vs 1024x1024 textures.

    Hey everyone! I'm messing around with UDK and I was curious about texture sizes. Should I make them 512x512 or 1024x1024 for regular textures such as brick patterns or even texture skins for assets.

    I want to build a nicely optimized level so most people with a descent computer can run it, but I don't know what to choose in terms of texture size. From the content browser, I notice a lot of UDK's textures are 512x512 but at the same time I see people using 1024x1024.

    What do you guys think? Thanks.
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    Re: 512x512 vs 1024x1024 textures.

    Most AAA games now use 1024^2 and 2048^2 depending on what it is. Detail maps can also help compliment a lower res texture. It really depends on what it is and how prominent the asset/texture are in the scene and how important the details are. The engine itself should be able to scale textures accordingly based on what performance settings are on the clients computer anyway.
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    Re: 512x512 vs 1024x1024 textures.

    Thanks Penguin.
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    Re: 512x512 vs 1024x1024 textures.

    I've got to make everything at 4k right now, just sayin'

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