Hi everyone,

I have been talking with a couple of people about alternatives ways to host games for H2V when the live browser goes off-line.

As far as I know all we can do is use the lan option instead. But we are not sure what is the best way to host lan games. We simply don't have enough experience to decide.

Here are the options we tought about:
1 - Use a tool like Hamachi or Tunngle.
(There are so manny out there wich one is best ot reach a lot of people?)
2 - Use the servers build in VPN option.
(But is it save for both the server and the clients?)
3 - Write our own application specially to play H2V Multiplayer over lan. The client runs it and it automaticly connects them to a server.
(Does this have advantages? Is it save for both the server and the clients?)

Here are the criteria we came up with:
1 - It must be easy to use for the clients.
2 - It must reach a lot of people, otherwise we might as well shut down the server.
3 - It must be save from hackers for both the server and the clients.
4 - The quality must be accepteble, no extreme lag.

We already have a server to test this on.

I think the people on this forum know more about this then we do, so I hope you can give us some recommendations.