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Thread: I am Sorry

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    I am Sorry

    Hello All,
    I would like to apologize for how I acted when I used to frequently roam here.
    I was a young kid, and totally immature.
    Some of you thought I was bragging about my lifestyle, which I no longer live. (Because hey you guys knew where it was really at, the whole time)
    I was trying to show you were all in this together, that I am able to achieve.

    The rest of my message is in my signature.

    Thank you for your time.

    Hey, I am sorry for how I acted when I used to roam these forums. I was an immature kid, who "promoted" drug use.
    Some of you thought I was bragging to look cool, and they were wrong. My intentions were to help you guys realize, that just because
    some of us live a different life style, we are still people, we are not dumb, we have family's, and we have dreams that we all share.
    I wanted to show you, that we are all in this together, I was trying to release the stigmatism around it all. To release judgement from one another.
    I send my blessings to Hr3shy, who is now homeless in Vancouver. Remember most people that live a harsher life style, probably had something
    extremely troubling happen when they were young.
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    Re: I am Sorry

    Long time no see, guy.
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