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Thread: Halo CE Photography.

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    Re: Halo CE Photography.

    Me like!

    Me Owning soem friends (I'm H2KikLift)
    I got alot of points and rep from some other guys that joined (now on my friend lsit : ) )
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    Re: Halo CE Photography.

    Quote Originally Posted by Daax View Post
    who's? I only said "they were a little dark."
    I was saying I like yours better Daax.
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    Re: Halo CE Photography.

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    Re: Halo CE Photography.

    Quote Originally Posted by Patrickssj6 View Post
    H1 quality sucks so either:

    -AA enhancement
    -360 Images

    No bad though.
    Its still amazing considering how old the halo 1 engine is now...

    I like the Mystic ones the most I think.
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    Re: Halo CE Photography.

    The purpose of this thread is to post Halo Photography. Not screenshots of things you've done or achieved, but Photography.

    H1 Quality does NOT suck at all. You just have to get a good shot. And, take it in high res and then shrink it to imitate AA. The colors in H1 are amazing. Vern got it right :P Daax, even though you started the thread, gotta follow what you wanted :P
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    Re: Halo CE Photography.

    Nice Work Sunny. I don't think i can do better. like the design of the map and the pics. VERY NICE!
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