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Thread: Halo CE Photography.

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    Re: Halo CE Photography.

    Ok, Well I'm sorta a beginner but I got a Digital Camera today so i can enhance the screenshots and backgrounds. Thanks though. I need some pretty maps that are good for backgrounds..not the old boring ones with just vehicles and 2 bases.

    If i get more; more pics will come!
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    Re: Halo CE Photography. actually take a screen shot with your digital camera? ever heard of Fraps?

    anyway some one please answer this, why is jarhain not in bungie? his mystic is fuckin win

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    Re: Halo CE Photography.

    No, I got a digital camera for other pics. I take screenshots with print screen. I need some cool maps that lots like and that I could take some shots of and make them pretty..
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    Re: Halo CE Photography.

    Quote Originally Posted by MMFSdjw View Post
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    Re: Halo CE Photography.

    Pictures are on the way.

    They aren't the best, it had alot of faces that were screwed up; So I took some of the bases and the ground terrain.
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    Re: Halo CE Photography.

    The Mystiq(or Mystique) ones are sextastic!
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    Re: Halo CE Photography.

    Thanks, that's a very nice map Jahrain. I think the Mystic ones are the best wallpapers. But You have nay othe rmaps that are pretty, like mystic.?
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    Re: Halo CE Photography.

    Quote Originally Posted by Patrickssj6 View Post

    I really like the sanctuary and Mystic shots, especially mystic since that's all custom made. ahh, custom edition~

    is this supposed official ce photography thread? don't wanna bust into your thread if it's not
    hurf durf
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    Re: Halo CE Photography.

    Oh yea sure. This is a photography thread for CE if you have any pictures you'd like to show off post em here. (Mostly Cool screenshots Not WIP's)
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    Re: Halo CE Photography.

    woo yay~

    some oldies of mine...

    and a lot more. I take too many pictures. :X
    hurf durf
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