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Thread: Video card power cord to power supply

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    Yea, so I accidentally sent my video card -> power supply cord back with my RMA and they didn't send it back so I got a new one. The person at fries electronics picked one up and I bought it.

    It has 2 connectors to the power supply on it... and whenever I connect both, the computer won't start, but when I connect one, it'll start, I'll just get a video card error on my motherboards error read out. Please help me.

    The error that my motherboard points to is this : 8.3. ATX power supply ready
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    Re: Video card power cord to power supply

    I assume you mean that you are using a 2 x 4pin hard drive style molex connector --> PCI Express Power adapter? something like this?

    If thats the case you're probably drawing to much power from one rail of your PSU (that is if you have a multi-rail PSU). Try connecting it to different lines on the PSU and see if it boots. Also try re-seating your video card just for the hell of it, sometimes that makes stupid problems go away =P.
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    Re: Video card power cord to power supply

    I had to re-seat my processor about four times to get it to boot the first time, if that's any help >.>

    If you don't have the cord above, you need that specific type.
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