Im not really sure how this got onto on its own without me upping it, just gotta be more tight with my test peeps i guess.. those I know i can trust..

Anyways... Instead of having it pulled, Im just gonna let it slide since it was an older build.

Map Description:
Deserted civilian part of the city New Mombassa, has been overrun by the war between the Covenent and the UNSC forces. <3 Randreach454

Map Notes:
Its only a third of the planned levels layout, basically the middle between where the bases would be(which arent there..)
the buildings dont have interiors yet, except for one floor of the apartment building..
Also, both max files I had of it got corrupted somehow, but Ghost did say he's working with Kornman on attempting to get the model back for me, which would be great since all i have is an old .3ds file of just the layout, without anything :-\

Pics are on the site.. This isnt an official release.. but w/e i dont care.. Feedbacks welcome though I know it basically sucks..