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Thread: Tool hates me for no reason

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    Tool hates me for no reason

    well almost everything i make in tool, whether its a scenery, weapon, a bsp, i always get this a certan exception halt error that everyone ive asked doesnt know what it means. I'm hoping somebody here does. the exception halt says this: EXCEPTION halt in /halopc/haloce/source/tag_files/.c,#1358: full_name

    so anybody know what it means and have a solution? any help is greatly appreciated
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    Re: Tool hates me for no reason

    Run a command again, write down the command here exactly as you put it in Tool, and copy-paste the corresponding entry from debug.txt to here.
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    Re: Tool hates me for no reason

    That error means you have a tag that does not have a name. For instance, ".weapon"

    This most commonly occurs when ripping tags from the campaign maps (specifically b40, I think). Just make sure to give it a name, even if only one letter; that error will disappear.
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