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Thread: Weapon and Mapping Question

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    Weapon and Mapping Question

    Hey I have another question. Some of the models in Halo CE look exactly like halo2. I have seen some pretty nice SMG's and Battle Rifles and I'm wonder how did you get them so good.Did you extract them from Halo2 or something? But my second question is what are the tool I would need to make a map on windows vista and is there anything I need to install first to make them run?
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    Re: Weapon and Mapping Question

    you will need a modeling program.

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    Re: Weapon and Mapping Question

    download the HEK from halomaps.org. then get modeling programs such as gmax (free) or 3ds max (expensive, far out the ass). then look up tuts. thats basically all it takes to get started, whether you stick with it or not is up to you...
    With my bare hands
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