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Thread: Crysis Beta Names

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    Crysis Beta Names

    So who should I start aiming at with my Gauss Rifle and attached Sniper Scope?

    When you get pulverized it will say you where killed by Xero852.
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    Re: Crysis Beta Names

    I'm using Fraikonz.

    I still don't know how to climb ladders.

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    Re: Crysis Beta Names


    To climb ladders try "F".

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    Re: Crysis Beta Names

    Ooh, I switched F with something else *to adapt to Halo's keyboard =D*

    What server do you guys play on mostly? Or do you just on the ones with lowest ping.

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    Re: Crysis Beta Names

    Mostly with lowest ping. :P

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    Re: Crysis Beta Names

    Most of those servers. 1-56, lol. Depends on players and ping.
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    Re: Crysis Beta Names

    I got my usual (see title) , but I haven't been playing much. :\

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